Are you a successful crypto investor who is ready to diversify into real estate?

  • Tired of market volatility?
  • Easily trade your crypto or NFT’s for income producing properties in the hot Tampa FL market!
  • Diversify your assets into real estate that is appreciating over 30% per year with a stable and consistent monthly income
  • It’s a GREAT time to DIVERSITY your assets.
  • Use your crypto to purchase REAL ESTATE with our proven Imperial Asset Management CRYPTO EXCHANGE real estate program.
  • Own a free and clear piece of real estate.  If you ever need to access cash quickly, you can easily get a loan on this property  (which is tax deductible!) or you can simply sell the property and get the full value for it 

Tampa Residential Units For Sale!

Enjoy the tax perks and benefits of owning residential real estate

Turn your digital currencies into real, tangible assets

Take Comfort And Control, Away From Banks And Crypto Platforms


Traditional financing payment is accepted, as well as alternative trade and exchange payment options

Each property for sale is located in fast-growing, high-demand Tampa, Florida, and each property has a current contracted tenant in place

Purchase with cash, financing or with your cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, NFTs, etc.)

Have peace of mind knowing our licensed attorney will facilitate the sometimes confusing and challenging transfer of crypto to real estate ownership!

Many successful crypto investors are frustrated that they can't easily buy real estate with their crypto and are missing the hot real estate market

Most properties have tenants in place with a great pay history with excellent credit that produce $2,000 per month on average!

Best Offers & Deals Available